The Krazy Karmann Ghia Build

Yeah, you’re right… we didn’t build the car you’re looking at, but we believe our car will be born of the same spirit… in fact, we hope that when were done, and we replace this page’s background image with one depicting the fruits of our labor, what you’ll see will be a thoroughly modern take on the Karmann Ghia, both technically and aesthetically, that remains true to the spirit and essence of the classic and inspired original Karmann Ghia design. Till then, we’ve got a lot of work ahead. In fact, we’re really just getting started, studying, planning, plotting, and scheming, so don’t be surprised to see that right now, this theater is only showing coming attractions… the feature presentation is in the works.

Click on How We Got Here to read about us and our inspiration, or check out What We Have in Mind to see what all we’ve got planned. To see how we’ve progressed, either click on the “All Our Posts” menu, or the menu item which corresponds to any aspects of the build that are of interest.